Is your embedded software at risk? Lexumo knows.


Accurate and actionable insight.

Know precisely which open source components are in your code, based on graph analytics and machine learning technology developed for DARPA.
See all public vulnerabilities affecting your code, including which functions are vulnerable and why — even if you've modified the component.
Implement code-level fixes to quickly address new vulnerabilities and avoid version upgrades that can break other dependencies.
Know immediately whenever new vulnerabilities are discovered that affect your code (such as Heartbleed), based on our curated vulnerability intelligence.


Lexumo is the only automated service that continuously monitors your code for the latest public vulnerabilities.
Using automated crawlers, data science and a team of security analysts, we continuously curate our vulnerability and remediation intelligence — over each commit of each open source project.
As a result, we deliver ongoing guidance that's much more reliable — and relevant to your code — than generic, community-owned databases.




Lexumo doesn't just find vulnerabilities, we also give you instructions to patch them.
And because we analyze the essential functionality of your code — rather than relying on superficial package IDs or version strings — we won’t waste your time flagging a vulnerability if you haven't even compiled it into your product.
Or if you've already patched it.


Lexumo's automated service integrates with your existing CI/CD workflows (Jenkins, JIRA, etc.) — so you can ship secure code, faster.
It also saves time by automating tedious tasks such as tracking open source component usage and monitoring issue trackers for the latest public vulnerabilities.
(And your source code never leaves your network.)


See how our simpler approach works for you.

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How it works

1. Index

Lexumo indexes all the world’s open source software and makes it semantically searchable for the first time, based on each program's functionality.

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2. Curate & annotate

We curate our vulnerability and remediation intelligence by continuously identifying, verifying and annotating the flawed code responsible for publicly-disclosed vulnerabilities.

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4. Remediate

We provide code-level instructions to quickly patch your software without breaking dependencies.

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See how our simpler approach works for you.

Register for a free trial today.

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