We’re looking for world-class talent to secure the world's open source software.

Lexumo has created a massively-scalable, AWS-based cloud stack that uses graph analytics and machine learning developed for DARPA to precisely identify public open source vulnerabilities in our customers' code while providing detailed remediation information. We are a privately funded company, with backing from leading cybersecurity investors .406 Ventures and Accomplice.  Lexumo has been recognized as an IoT Company to Watch and a Machine Learning Startup to Watch.
Located in the vibrant District Office Park in Burlington, MA, Lexumo employees enjoy convenient access to public transportation and an easy commute from most Boston area locations including southern New Hampshire. We are a short walk to dozens of outstanding restaurants and the excellent shopping at the Burlington Mall. 
And that's just the beginning. We're looking for highly-talented, motivated, and passionate individuals to help us realize our vision of securing all the world's software that now runs all our businesses, homes, and critical infrastructure.
Like most great companies, we have fantastic benefits from company-paid healthcare to access to a 401K to flexible PTO. Not to mention a great environment, working with state-of-the-art technology. If you’re looking to solve challenging technical problems and collaborate with individuals you respect, learn from, and can have fun building an innovative company with, take a look at our career opportunities below.

Open positions

Software Engineer (Corpus Team)

The corpus team is responsible for finding and ingesting all the world's open source software; therefore, experience with web crawlers; software repositories (e.g., git, svn, cvs, fossil, bzr); forges (e.g., maven, pip, npm); and builds systems (e.g., make, gradle) are all desirable. Experience with container technologies (e.g., docker) and open source software repositories are also a plus.

Software Engineer (Platform Team)

The platform team is responsible for the reliable and efficient deployment of our big-code engine; therefore, experience with AWS-based DevOps; cloud architecture & implementation; and efficient implementation of distributed, big-data analytics are all desirable. Data engineering and/or software vulnerability analysis experience are also a plus.

Software Engineer (Client Plugin Infrastructure)

The client plugin infrastructure team is responsible for our client-deployed components and integrations (e.g., build system plugin, software repository plugin); therefore, experience with packaging for cross-platform portability and deployment (i.e., linux, windows, mac); trace libraries (e.g., strace); and API integrations (e.g., build systems, software repositories, CI tools) are all desirable. Experience creating installation packages and/or secure code design are also a plus.

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